Stay Fit, Have Fun

Stay Fit, Have Fun!

On May 10th, 2013, Children’s Obesity Fund was proud to sponsor our first “Stay Fit, Have Fun” day. This event was held at Westport Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles in our nation’s children.

We know that the key to the future of our nation’s health rests with our children and instilling in them a healthy lifestyle early on in their development, and that is what the “Stay Fit, Have Fun” event set out to do. In partnership with professional skateboarder Manny Santiago of OC Ramps, we were able to provide a thrilling demonstration for 500 students and staff members as well as healthy snacks and education on the importance of making healthy choices.

Both Manny Santiago and his teammate Dave Bachinski shared their enthusiasm for skateboarding as a means to not only have fun, but also as a way to actively participate in a healthy lifestyle. Not only did they share their enthusiasm, they also provided a demonstration for all of those in attendance on custom-built ramps, quarter pipes, rails, and triangle stairs provided by OC Ramps.

In addition to this display of fun, exciting participation in activity, we knew that it was important to also focus on the benefits of a healthy diet and several organizations were more than willing to help provide assistance in this way; People Water were on hand to donate 100% spring-fed water to all of the children and staff members and Whole Foods Market in El Segundo made sure that all attendees received delicious, nutritious snacks at the event. In order to cement the ideas that were promoted throughout the day, each student in grades 1 through 3 were supplied with a copy of the book I AM Healthy! Affirmations for Health and Well-Being from the I AM Foundation, a book that provides encouragement to children, parents, and teachers in making healthy choices in their lifestyle.

The response to this event were so enthusiastic that it has led to further support from Manny Santiago and Children’s Obesity Fund to the Westport Heights Elementary School Booster Club to help the school continue to provide physical education classes that affirm the message of the “Stay Fit, Have Fun” event.

With “Stay Fit, Have Fun” proving to be a rousing success, we hope to continue providing events like this to schools in the future and hope that you will join us in our efforts to combat childhood obesity through education and demonstrations such as this.

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