Omidi Brothers Mission

Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi, M.D.

Through all income levels and racial groups, childhood obesity is an epidemic overwhelming parents and educators. The Children’s Obesity Fund and its co-founders Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi aim to break that cycle!

Co-Founders Julian Omidi & Michael Omidi, M.D.’s Vision for Children’s Obesity Fund

The Children’s Obesity Fund seeks to educate parents and children about the rising obesity rates in America, reverse the statistics and dangerous trends, and help prevent the next generation from continuing down this alarmingly unhealthy road. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of what it takes to be a strong, vigorous child.

Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi, M.D. recently refocused their energies on philanthropic pursuits to aid the less fortunate in this world. Earlier this year, they founded the charity No More Poverty, an organization that seeks to end poverty at home and abroad.

As active members of the medical community, the Omidi brothers are extremely concerned with the growing U.S. obesity rates and new reality of these unhealthy habits starting at very young ages.  Nearly one in three children in America today are overweight and childhood obesity rates have tripled in the last thirty years.  The Omidis are dedicated to helping tomorrow’s generation with education and support to help maintain a healthy weight and inhabit an active, happy lifestyle.

Help Michael & Julian Omidi Fight Childhood Obesity

Combatting childhood obesity starts at home! Helping the kids and family get and stay healthy is not easy. Resisting unhealthy food choices (which are often plentiful and cheap) is difficult for everyone. It is also tough to get kids (and adults too) away from television, computers and video games. The Children’s Obesity Fund will help by providing tips and resources that facilitate healthier food choices and promote a more active lifestyle. This website also features national and local organizations that are successfully addressing the rising rates of childhood obesity.

Suggestions for like-minded, admirable charities that the Children’s Obesity Fund and the Omidis can support are appreciated. Please send your recommendations through the Children’s Obesity Fund Facebook page or via the Contact Us function on this website.

By Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi


Julian Omidi


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