Everyone needs to make thoughtful, healthy food choices.

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For a well-balanced meal, prioritize food choices by filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables and the remaining half with whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy. This will influence the children around you to do the same.

Healthy, well-nourished kids are better prepared mentally and physically to take on the day. Good nutrition begins at home, so talk to your children, neighbors and friends, and other kids in your life about making healthy food and beverage choices and model those healthy behaviors yourself. Look for creative and inexpensive ways to celebrate with the kids in your life without using food as a reward. Although adults usually decide what kids eat, we all know that kids eat what is available and what they want. Therefore, surrounding them with healthier options encourages them to make better choices about the foods they eat.

Small changes in five key areas can make a huge difference and add up to real results: eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of sugar and fat, eat healthier snacks, reduce portion size, start small, you can always get seconds, and eat together as a family at regularly scheduled times.

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