Children’s Obesity


children's obesity affects many

Health Concern for American Kids today

As we continue to lead the fight against the childhood obesity epidemic, let’s take a moment to survey recent global developments in this field. Unfortunately, childhood obesity remains the number one health concern for American parents today. There are good … Read more


Family Health Challenge Takes on Childhood Obesity

The hardest part of fighting back against childhood obesity is engaging children and parents, and getting them to enact changes that promote healthier living. During this year’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, The American Heart Association is hoping to bridge … Read more



September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

In today’s blog, Children’s Obesity Fund co-founder Michael Omidi discusses National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Childhood obesity is a rampant epidemic, and if it isn’t curbed early it can afflict children throughout their lives. But before any problem can be … Read more


Doctors Against Child Obesity

In today’s entry, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the impact pediatricians could have on decreasing child obesity rates.   The child obesity issue in the U.S. (and even globally) has reached epidemic proportions. There are a variety of causes: many openly … Read more


Is it okay for Coca Cola to fund child obesity research?

Critics Question Validity of Coca Cola Funded Child Obesity Study

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses recent criticisms towards a Pennington Biomedical Research study funded by Coca-Cola. A new study conducted by LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center pointed the blame for child obesity on a lack of physical exercise around the world. … Read more



US Ranks Number 1 for Child Obesity

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses an article from US News and World Report. According to US News and World Report, America is Number 1 for child obesity. Out of the world’s obese population, more than half live in 10 countries. At … Read more


Fresh Produce v. Junk Food: Who Will Emerge Victorious?

  In today’s entry, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses how eating more fruits and veggies may be the answer we need to fight childhood obesity. The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture recently conducted a study showing the effects of … Read more



Nature v. Nurture: Why Some Children Overeat

In today’s entry, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses possible alternative causes of the childhood obesity epidemic.   Many are quick to blame television and video games for the ever-increasing amount of lethargic, obese children in America. Forms of electronic entertainment have … Read more


Parents can stop child obesity by limiting sugary foods available to children.

Ways to Fight Child Obesity at Home

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses ways in which you can fight child obesity at home on a daily basis. There are many fields on which the battle against children’s obesity must be fought. After all, children are at risk throughout the … Read more


Stop Advertising Junk Food to Children

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses recent developments in fast food-related advertising regulation.   Last week, the Russian parliament introduced new legislation that will restrict the advertising of both fast food and junk food, and included detailed criteria of … Read more

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